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Let’s talk about post processing

Many couples have approached me with questions about my ‘style’. I respond that your style is my style. I’ve seen trends come and go. I shoot fairly the same, as I have over my career. Spontaneous moments and the real capture of life is my ‘style’. The other ‘style’ comes in the post processing.

All cameras produce sharp, full color photos. There are no Light and Airy cameras. Same for Dark and Moody or Black and White photos. They are all made after the wedding in software. Not every picture looks good with a special effect. Some photographers put every photo in a blender with a single mouse click. Grand Lubell Photography approaches each photo individually.

We deliver every photo in a timeless full color process. You put a lot of effort in your color pallete and you should have a good record. Light and Airy processing destroys details in the dress. Dark and Moody processing can hide tones and colors. These are techniques for great wall portraits, canvases and metal prints. That’s why we offer free post processing for special effects and encourage these treatments.

These five images are of the same photo with different processing effects. There a dozens of other treatment that Grand Lubell can apply. Choose a photographer for the excitement captured, the composition, the moments of joy and the fun. A good photographer can apply any ‘style’ to any image.

Full color

Full color post production


Light and Airy

Light and Airy post production


Classic Black and White

Classic Black and White post production


Dark and Moody

Dark and Moody post production


Infrared Black and White

Infrared Black and White post production


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